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5 Questions with Growers Edge RangeAg Software Engineer

5 questions with rangeag software engineer

At Growers Edge, we capitalize on our team of amazingly talented software engineers to create products that revolutionize the agriculture industry. We asked a RangeAg Software Engineer to take a five-minute break and give us some insight into the great things happening with RangeAg.

What does a typical day look like for you as a software engineer?

As a junior software engineer, most of the day is spent learning from my senior co-worker, Jason Lackore, while we iterate through various work cards/features for RangeAg Insights. These work cards usually consist of front-end work (the kind that makes the application easy to use and look amazing), back-end work (to give it the functionality that our users need), and testing (to make sure that our product doesn’t have any bugs or glitches). We participate in meetings revolving around our product to ensure that we are consistently working to create the best product possible. The designs for our application are made by our UI/UX team, so we interact with them as often as possible to ensure that we bring their vision to life.

What have you been working on for RangeAg lately?

Currently, we have been working on an exciting feature that our clients have asked for: User Submitted Comparables. Our RangeAg Insights platform allows users to create farmland insights; this includes providing our users with comparable recent sales to their selected land. We want to provide the ability for our users to upload or manually enter their own comparable sales. This allows users to generate insights that use their data instead of data from our Land Valuation Model. We hope that this new feature will spark joy, further customization for our users allowing for a more diverse user base and continue to push the limit on what is possible in the Ag FinTech space.

What is your favorite feature to have worked on/built in RangeAg?

Personally, I love working on our front-end heavy features in RangeAg Insights since they tend to be pieces that focus more on customer experience, which I see as incredibly important. One example would be our new portfolio feature. This made it possible for our users to efficiently view their created insights in a list with some basic information. The part that makes this feature extra useful for our users is the ability to not only see your own generated insights, but also those of your peers within your organization.

How do you approach problem-solving in developing for RangeAg?

I believe that everyone approaches problem-solving differently. My approach is to be a very hands-on person and I like to dive into a challenge. My first move is to write out the steps I would take and visualize the problem concisely. Talking through a problem with teammates is also helpful, and while writing work cards can be tedious and something I tend to stay away from, it is also a very handy tool to work out the general flow of a feature and how the cards interconnect to create that feature.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Growers Edge?

I find that seeing the product after each new feature is the most rewarding part of working at Growers Edge. Being able to see how all our hard work has impacted the product and will impact our user’s experience on the platform is incredibly rewarding. I love the feeling of ‘look at this awesome thing I helped make! Isn’t it great?’ that I get when we finally finish a new feature. Additionally, I love getting to work and learn with my co-workers in a start-up environment where I have the opportunity to learn about new technology and techniques every day.

RangeAg Enterprise offers detailed reports of farmland attributes including access to a Land Valuation Model so that you can quickly, and consistently value farmland. Learn more about RangeAg here.

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