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Integrating a Financing Solution into Your Ag Retail Sales Strategy

There’s no doubt about it – sales are what keep your business running, although, there are so many aspects to the sales process that you have to manage; product mix, offer niche products, pricing options, supporting sales staff, providing excellent customer service.

With all of these issues and many more to manage as part of the sales strategy, you might hold off on offering financing solutions. After all, customers already have financing options, so it might seem easier to just leave financing to the financial institutions and banks.

However, integrating a financing solution at your ag retail business has tremendous benefits, and now, it’s easier than ever.

First, let’s discuss the benefits of providing your own in-house financing in detail.

  1. Increase sales and wallet share. The more convenient purchasing products are for your farmers, the more likely they are to buy your products and to do so more frequently. Offering financing when it’s needed the most – at the point of purchase – is the ultimate convenience you can offer.
  2. Beat your competition. With a smooth and positive purchasing experience, customers will come back to you instead of your competition. This greater customer satisfaction and loyalty equate to increased market share and higher profitability. On the other hand, not offering a financing solution when your competitors are starting to, will drive your customers away and right into their open arms.
  3. Increase your financial revenue. The ability to finalize transactions directly without involving other financial institutions creates a new revenue stream for you. Offering a financing solution boosts revenue in two ways – by enabling an overall increase in sales, as well as serving as a revenue generator. That’s a double win!
  4. Secure financial transactions. These include advanced data analysis, data security, and increased risk mitigation. In an increasingly complex world, your customers need to feel safe and supported throughout their financial transactions with your company.
  5. Keep data in-house. Through the financing process, you gather a lot of data on the customer and their farm; historical revenues, cost structure of the farm, purchase history, access to capital, and more. All of this data gives you a better understanding of your client, allowing you to provide better customer service and optimize profitability.

There are usually barriers to offering a financing solution as part of your sales strategy. It can be tremendously expensive to build the infrastructure and requires specialized technology or advanced staff.

That’s where Grower’s Edge comes in. Never has integrating a financing solution into your sales strategy been easier. Our solution is brandable, therefore, you accrue all of the benefits of offering an in-house financing solution to your customers without having to build it yourself.

We ensure that the digital financing platform is fully functional and operating using cutting-edge financing technologies that both you and your customers can rely on. You can utilize your own capital or access our network of funding partners.

Let us know when you are ready to talk! We can have you providing financial solutions to your customers in record time.

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