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Growers Edge Automated Land Valuation Model Accuracy and Reliability Confirmed Through RMA Validation

Growers Edge Automated Land Valuation Model Accuracy and Reliability Confirmed Through RMA Validation

Growers Edge, a leader in agricultural fintech solutions, is excited to announce the successful independent validation of its proprietary Automated Land Valuation Model (AVM). The validation process, conducted by Risk Management Association (RMA), renowned industry experts in model validation, affirms the accuracy, and reliability of this innovative technology in assessing cropland values and providing land insights.

Growers Edge’s AVM employs advanced AI and statistical models to provide instantaneous and accurate land valuations. The model suite leverages a comprehensive range of data sources, including local market trends, property attributes, and geographical factors, to deliver objective and unbiased assessments to be used to complement appraisals for a quicker decision-making process.

Growers Edge’s AVM has achieved an industry-first milestone through its independent validation by the RMA. The AVM provides an objective, data-driven valuation for farmland which can be used for tax assessments, land transactions, portfolio audits/monitoring, evaluations, partial release of collateral, among other uses.

“I am impressed by how RMA’s validation of Growers Edge’s Automated Land Valuation Model has inspired us to think beyond conventional boundaries in agricultural finance, fostering innovations that accelerates and enhances decision-making in land-related affairs,” said Ahraz Husain, Growers Edge, Vice President of Product, Engineering and Data.

 Key Highlights of the Independent Validation:

Accuracy and Precision: RMA’s validation process rigorously tested the AVM against known land values resulting in a demonstrated high level of accuracy and precision in the provided assessments.

Reliability: The model’s reliability was thoroughly evaluated under various scenarios, algorithmic decisions, quantitative assumptions, and market conditions, reaffirming its consistency and dependability.

Unbiased Assessments: The AVM’s ability to provide unbiased valuations was confirmed through testing of benchmarking methodologies and corresponding sensitivity tests to ensure fair and equitable results.

Efficiency: The AVM’s efficiency in processing large volumes of data to generate timely and insightful land valuations was a standout feature highlighted through the validation report.

Growers Edge CEO Matt Hansen shared his enthusiasm about the validation results, stating, “We are proud to have our Automated Valuation Model independently validated, as it reinforces our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the rigorous standards to mitigate the risk for our partners. This validation is also a testament to the enduring hard work and innovation of our talented team.”

RMA’s validation of Growers Edge’s AVM is based on the solid validation pillars or the Federal Reserve System (FRB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Farm Credit Administration.

With the RMA validation now complete, Growers Edge looks forward to expanding its footprint in the farm lending and appraisal sectors. The company remains committed to agricultural fintech solutions that empower farmers to drive sustainable growth.

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