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April 2022 – Growers Edge was founded with farmers in mind and the goal to develop technology that feels just as user-friendly as today’s most popular apps. Every day, we build industry-leading fintech and data solutions delivered through ag retailers and input manufacturers to create a more resilient future for agriculture. 

In 2020 a handful of Growers Edge employees formally defined our company’s core values. We wanted the words to represent who we are and whom we aspire to be. Our core values are the absolute best qualities of our team distilled into a document that we can use to build better products, hire people, and pass on the culture of our business to future employees. More than a poster on a wall or a page on our website, our core values are a living, breathing set of ideas that our team uses daily.  

“Our company came together to develop a set of core beliefs that would represent who we are,” says Dan Cosgrove, Chief Executive Officer, Growers Edge. “These are our guiding principles and philosophies, and the employees that join us and the products we build represent these values. They are the foundation of our brand.”  


At Growers Edge, we understand the importance of ensuring all our employees know what’s happening in our company. We strive to communicate constructively, clearly and openly. We pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative and trustworthy workplace where employees can build relationships, set goals and share information openly across all levels.  


As an OKR-driven organization, we all work to achieve company-wide and individual goals. It’s essential we hold ourselves accountable and support each other with trust and respect. Everyone on our team is committed to following through on our company’s purpose.  


Our team knows a positive attitude is contagious, and when we face challenges, our team stays motivated because it’s the foundation upon which we achieve our goals. We believe work should be fun, where a sense of humor is expected, and positive intent and attitude are assumed.   


Passionate people make a difference! We are passionate about our shared purpose of empowering a resilient future for agriculture. We believe it’s our duty to develop new, exciting and innovative solutions that give ag retailers and their farmer customers access to the most innovative technologies that will provide the most value. 


We are unified through our shared purpose of “Empowering Growers to Adapt and Thrive.” This unifying theme is the reason for our success thus far. It keeps us driven to create innovative Crop Plans, financing solutions, industry-leading data and analytics and land valuation tools. 

Ruthlessly Simple 

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, once said, “Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains.” At Growers Edge, we take complex issues and simplify them to be communicated, understood and enacted. Feeding the world is a big undertaking, and we’re working to streamline the complexities today’s ag industry faces.  

Source: Growers Edge

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