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Growers Edge and CropX Partner to Incent Farmers to Adopt Soil Sensing Technology to Optimize Farm Management

JOHNSTON, Iowa and DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Continuing its expansion of data-driven agtech solutions for farmers, Growers Edge today announced a strategic partnership with CropX that will help reduce risk and sustainably improve yields for farm operations.

“The financial instruments available today do not meet the needs of farmers who want to embrace new ways to improve the profitability and sustainability of their operations,” said Joe Young, president and chief operating officer, Growers Edge. “Working with strategic partners like CropX, we are providing the incentive a farmer needs to confidently adopt new technologies that can drive their long-term sustainability and business success despite rising environmental and business challenges.”

CropX provides revolutionary soil sensing technology that helps farmers cut crop-input costs through optimized farm management technology that delivers water, fertilizer, energy and labor savings. By analyzing soil data and integrating it with crop models, satellite imagery, and weather forecasts, the CropX cloud-based software platform is designed to boost crop yields through in-field sensors that integrate with irrigation systems to automatically deliver the correct amount of water based on specific plant requirements rather than watering an entire field based on rough estimates.

“Giving farmers direct access to all of the intelligence below the ground empowers them to sustainably cultivate more profitable and productive farms by accurately predicting and managing crop needs. However, many farmers are hesitant to invest in soil sensing technologies after being burned by complex, expensive – and often even ineffective – technologies in the past,” said John Vikupitz, president, CropX. “Our partnership with Growers Edge will help farms of all sizes and budgets confidently embrace in-soil data technologies to modernize farm management.”

The companies will work together to develop an agronomic prescription based on CropX field trial data and the Growers Edge analytics platform to create a precise model for farmers using CropX sensors to follow in an effort to improve yields and profitability. Farmers will be able to participate in a 2020 pilot program that will feature an irrigation practice prescription and a Growers Edge money-back guarantee that reduces the risk of adopting CropX technology.

CropX gives farmers an unmatched connection to their soil and all of the above- and below-ground forces that could change if and how crops can thrive in their fields. Offering advanced soil sensor technology and cloud-based Ag analytics that integrates with top irrigation systems, CropX helps farmers increase crop yield and reduce water, fertilization, and energy costs. Its affordable, easy-to-use soil sensors and data platform let farmers know if/when specific parts of a field need to be watered or fertilized and how much is needed – all in an easy mobile app. Learn more at

Source: Growers Edge

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