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September 10, 2019


JOHNSTON, Iowa and DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Growers Edge, the leader in data-driven fintech solutions for the ag industry, today announced a collaboration with Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), which provides innovative environmental solutions, to support a more sustainable food and agriculture supply chain.

“Working with Growers Edge, we will be able to offer farmers and agrifood companies access to data-driven financial solutions to effectively navigate emerging environmental risks, intensifying regulations and changing consumer demands,” said John Harsch, president and chief operating officer of SEC.  “Ensuring our customers have the financial support they need to tackle sustainability challenges is a win-win. Being able to confidently offer and market sustainably sourced products gives food and beverage companies a competitive advantage, in addition to a better environmental footprint.”

Growers Edge will leverage SEC’s EcoPractices® platform, which assesses value chain sustainability risk and provides independent, third-party verification for growers, as well as food and beverage companies. The collaboration will allow the Growers Edge fintech analytics platform to accurately assess value chain sustainability risk and track environmental impact to reduce sustainability risks from farm to fork.

The two companies will develop a series of custom, scalable programs centered on the food and beverage industry and its agricultural supply system, including:

  • Transition Financing – Financial solutions to finance the transition from conventional farming practices to regenerative practices that decrease environmental impact and support sustainable farming initiatives.
  • Commodity Regenerative Practices Performance– Benchmarking, verification and continuous improvement plans for commodity crop farms to prove sustainability and track environmental impact.
  • Environmental Impact Documentation – Independently validated documentation on the environmental impact of regenerative practices that were implemented as part of a financed initiative.

“Growers Edge Financial is committed to breaking down financial barriers for the agriculture industry and the entire food supply chain. Financial options for agrifood operations must be incredibly customized, and standard financial structures simply do not account for the time and upfront costs needed to integrate regenerative and sustainable practices into farming operations and throughout the supply chain,” said Joe Young, president and chief operating officer of Growers Edge. “With Sustainable Environmental Consultants, we will incent a massive shift to regenerative agricultural and supply chain practices by providing capital and reducing associated risks.”


Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), a leader in providing innovative environmental responsibility solutions, provides an independent, third-party verification, and validation platform that uses science with state-of-the-art technology to assess supply chain sustainability risk and quantify key sustainability performance indicators. The platform provides food organizations with a data-driven solution for food companies to reach their sustainability goals. SEC is part of the Wright Service Corporation family of companies. To learn more, visit www.sustainableenviro.com.

Source: Growers Edge