Unlock better and quicker farmland valuations

Now you can quickly, accurately, and consistently value farmland with Automated Farmland Valuations. This is the tool you need in order to make better farmland decisions, like purchase, sale, and mortgage approval decisions.

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Fast and rapid valuations of farmland properties, and accompanying insights lets you make farmland decisions quickly, giving you a competitive edge in farmland sales or in mortgage issuances.

These valuations are a better use of resources than traditional appraisals for many circumstances. Those we serve value speed, innovation, consistency, and accuracy in becoming more successful.

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Benefits of Range


Faster Decisions

Rapidly complete the valuation phase of farmland purchase/sale or mortgage decisions. This will beat the competition with better information and quicker closes.

Data-Informed Accuracy

Effortlessly streamline the collection and processing of large sets of data with efficiency – from both internal and external sources. Derive precise valuation metrics as a result.

Flexible Deployment

Integrate Automated Farmland Valuations into your own systems and dashboards via our API, or access through our Range platform, which provides a full solution and interface for Automated Farmland Valuations and insights.


Consistency & Credibility with Third Parties

Offer regulators and other interested parties transparency and consistency. Easily understand and explain how we compute farmland value. Have a consistent and repeatable process. This promotes unbiased calculations that always take into account key data sources.

Reports Include

Farmland listings (both real estate listings and auctions, farmland ownership, farmland valuation including estimated value and estimated value range, Farmland sales comparables, and farmland insights.



  • Purchasing a bundle of valuations allows you to quickly and economically assess multiple properties.
  • Purchase a single valuation for when you only need to assess one property.

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