The modern Input Financing platform for agriculture

Now you have the digital toolkit you need to administer a modern Input Financing program. Our Input Financing software makes it easy for your growers to access the capital they need. Easily implement our streamlined financing process with access to your own capital or our network of funding partners.

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At Growers Edge, we offer an innovative and powerful opportunity – to get a turnkey platform to easily run your own branded digital financing program. Our white-labeled financing platform is secure, easy to implement, and simplifies the application, credit decisioning, and loan management process.

Our financing platform allows you to implement a robust set of financial tools to produce high volumes of loans easier. Your new lending program with Growers Edge is captive, and can only be used at your business – unlike other providers’ lines of credit that can be used elsewhere. Open a world of possibilities by keeping sales opportunities and valuable data in-house.

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Benefits of Input Financing


Enhanced financing experience

Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty equate to increased market share, higher profitability, and increased customer retention.

Your own branding and easy implementation

Get full credit with your customers for implementing innovative products that improve their businesses.

Operational improvements

Benefit from advanced data analysis, data security and increased risk mitigation.


New revenue stream

Gain new revenues from keeping credit in-house instead of handing it over to a financial institution. Your team deserves to keep more of the rewards of their hard work making growers happy.

Custom credit decisioning and scoring

Make evaluating loan applications a snap.

Grower Portal

Digital loan management and payment platform for growers.

Finance Manager Portal

Digital loan processing, payment, and management platform for ag retailers.

Loan accounting management

Plus customized reporting and billing ensures that your back office runs smoothly.

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