Innovation, with
a Safety Net

Our warranty-backed crop plans manage risk and set yield expectations to offer assurance, confidence and clear information to farmers, while improving margins for ag retailers, input providers, multi-national ag companies and NGOs. Backed by data and analytics, our crop plans are sales acceleration tools that help our partners boost their highest-priority products and services.

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Step by Step

A Simple Process

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Step 1

We work with ag retailers and industry partners to design a unique offer to meet their objectives.

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Step 2

Retailer’s sales team shares information about the offer with customers.

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Step 3

We collect the data and information needed to fulfill the offer, while preserving data privacy.

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Step 4

When farmers see an increase in yield, they keep all of the upside. If yields fall below the established benchmark, they receive a warranty payment.

Benefits to Retailers

Increased revenue
Supports innovation in agriculture
Provides value and differentiation
Strengthens relationships with customers
Plans tailored to business objectives
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Benefits for Farmers

Adopt new products, practices or technologies with assurance
Increase confidence in decision-making
Protect investments
Improve performance
Utilize data-driven practices
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Crop Plans

How It Works


Customer Success

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Cody Van Drie
Farmers Coop Society
Our sustainability-focused crop plan with Growers Edge has driven sales and increased adoption of practices that will benefit our customers, and the ground they farm for generations.
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Data Security + Privacy

We Secure Your Data!

We’re fully invested in the security and privacy of data–it’s a fundamental part of the services
Growers Edge provides. Our achievement of AICPA SOC 2 compliance is a testament to our
ongoing efforts to keep your data both private and secure. Learn More.

A Win-Win for Retailers and Their Farmers

Our crop plans safeguard farmers’ livelihoods, so they can confidently implement new products, technologies and practices in their operations while continuing to strengthen their relationship with their trusted advisor – the retailer. And retailers boost the confidence of their sales teams and customers, resulting in increased sales.

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