Modernizing the ag retail experience through digital financing

Easily offer your own branded digital Input Financing program directly to growers. Provide your growers with an easy and fast process to access the capital they need to grow the crops that feed, clothe and fuel the world.

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At Growers Edge, we offer ag retailers an innovative and powerful opportunity – to have your own digital financing program. Our branded financing platform is secure, easy to implement, and simplifies the application, credit decisioning, and loan management process.

Your new lending program with Growers Edge is captive, and can only be used at your business – unlike other providers’ lines of credit that can be used elsewhere. Open a world of possibilities by keeping sales opportunities and valuable data in-house. Easily implement our streamlined financing process with access to your own capital or our network of funding partners.

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Benefits of Input Financing

Point of Sale Access to Capital

Your growers will have access to capital when needed, and will enjoy the new ease of doing business with you.

Enhanced Positive Purchasing Experience

Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty equate to increased market share, higher profitability, and increased customer retention.

New Revenue Stream

Gain new revenues from keeping credit in-house instead of handing it over to a financial institution. Your team deserves to keep more of the rewards of their hard work making growers happy.

Operational Improvements

Profit from advanced data analysis, data security and increased risk mitigation. You can now operate more efficiently and in line with your values, even while the environment gets riskier every day.

Our Point of Sale Financing


Your New Digital Lending Platform

  • Funding Flexibility – We can fund your program if you prefer not to deploy your own capital.
  • White-Label Branding.
  • Easy Implementation.
  • Finance Manager Portal – digital loan processing, payment, and management platform for ag retailers.
  • Grower Portal – digital loan management and payment platform for growers.
  • Custom Credit Decisioning and Scoring.
  • Loan Accounting Management and Support.
  • Customized Reporting and Billing.
  • Sales Support and Marketing Materials.

Technical Details

  • SOC II Data Security and Privacy.
  • ERP Integration.
  • Pre-Built API Interfaces.


  • Competitive market rates
  • Competitive terms including limited recourse options
  • Flexibility to offer pricing variations with special financing programs to meet your unique market demands

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What is Growers Edge Input Financing? 

This is the powerful opportunity for ag retailers to provide their growers with the capital they need to plant, grow, and harvest next season.

How long does it take to get the program started?

Our team can integrate this program and technology with your current customer interface in a few weeks.

What if my organization wants to fund the loans?

Flexibility to suit your objectives is the name of our game. You can fund the lending program yourself, if you want to. Alternatively, Grower’s Edge can source the funds for you.

Funding the lending program yourself may work better if you want to be able to fully customize your lending terms. It may also be the better option if your company is committed to building a new revenue stream of financial interest and fees. Using the technology platform as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool will enable you to quickly implement your own point of sale financing program, and simplify the application, credit decisioning, and loan management process for your staff and customers.

What if my organization cannot fund the loan?

Having Growers Edge fund the program for you could be better if you have limited resources. It could also work better if you’re simply experimenting with innovative solutions to serve your customers, and prefer to ease into the transition to providing point of sale financing. You can always change your mind and decide to fund the program yourself later.

Self-funding or having us fund the program are both legitimate choices. We’re happy to help you think through your resources, your options, and your preferences. This process is about forming a partnership. While our agricultural finance technology is at the core of our company, relationships and trust are equally important parts of the equation.

What areas/regions does Growers Edge service?

Growers Edge services all of the US. We are proud to help American ag retailers and the growers that they serve build better businesses and farms. Our country’s growers perform a great service for our nation, and deserve our support.

We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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