Evaluate and Claim Opportunities with Real-Time Valuation

We’re on a mission to make farmland valuation simple, online, and instant. Growers Edge land value market intelligence and data management tools provide real-time data and transparency for farmers, investors, lenders, and real estate industry professionals.

Land Value

Real-Time Land Sales and Analytics


Range.Ag, the free farmland sale and auction search engine, delivers real-time sale and auction opportunities for the major row-crop states. It also provides essential data, including soil mapping, topography and satellite imagery.

Range.ag image

SaaS Enterprise Solution

Our SaaS enterprise solution can be used exclusively to provide an even deeper analysis of farmland quality and value. Plus our map-based data storage and management can help evaluate investment opportunity and risk or as an augment to a purchaser’s current market research.

Growers Edge Land Value Saas example

Data Security + Privacy

We Secure Your Data!

We’re fully invested in the security and privacy of data–it’s a fundamental part of the services
Growers Edge provides. Our achievement of AICPA SOC 2 compliance is a testament to our
ongoing efforts to keep your data both private and secure. Learn More.

Innovation, Scale and a Healthy Future

We help the ag industry drive innovation and deliver best practices to farmers around the country, while increasing confidence. We power a resilient future for agriculture, which means a healthy future for us all.

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