Our digitalized and streamlined ag lending platform is a customized,
end-to-end solution that solves the challenges faced by ag retailers,
input manufacturers, and their customers.

Ag input loan origination has traditionally only been available to the largest retailers and input manufacturers. Worse yet, it was inefficient, with excessive, disconnected steps, starting from the initial discussions with the borrower and ending with booking the loan on an archaic loan servicing system. Growers Edge has changed that!

FASTER, EASIER PROCESSING: Our comprehensive approach was designed by ag, for ag. The white-label platform is accessible 24/7 from a computer, phone, or tablet, so your growers have a smooth and simplified loan application and management process, and your staff can be more efficient using the streamlined loan management platform.

FORWARD-LOOKING ANALYSIS: Through our lending analytics platform and the support of our team of financial experts, we can help you implement an informed, forward-looking grower financing strategy that meets your business objectives.

DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONING: We have built a data-driven underwriting scorecard that combines external data sets, analytics, and non-traditional data sources with borrower financials, giving retailers of any size the power to make credit decisions that help minimize exposure to losses and deliver improved satisfaction.

YOUR LENDING SOLUTION: Why hand off your grower to an outside vendor hoping they’ll deliver the service they have grown to know and love? Our platform gives you the power to capitalize on your long-standing reputation and commitment to excellence. Your custom-branded lending portal will give your growers confidence they’re working with their trusted partner – you!

WE BELIEVE SECURITY RULES! Growers Edge takes the privacy of our customers and the protection of their personal information very seriously. We care about how information is collected, used, stored, and shared. Learn more about our privacy policy and data security practices here. 


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