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Growers Edge builds industry-leading fintech and data solutions to empower ag retailers and input manufacturers. We enable informed decision-making and risk management, driving an innovative and resilient future.

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Make Informed Decisions. Manage Risk. Invest in a Healthy Future.

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Crop Plans

Grow with Confidence

We partner with agriculture retailers to design warranty-backed crop plans supported by comprehensive data. We work to maximize outcomes and confidence for both retailers and farmers, while improving margins and financial security. When retailers grow and profit, the industry, in turn, can grow and expand.

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Input Financing

Financing a Healthy Future

Our financial software and services platform makes it simple for ag retailers and input manufacturers to make well-informed credit and financing decisions. Grow, analyze and manage lending portfolios with ease, while providing needed capital to farmers. Our convenient app also makes it uncomplicated for farmers to apply for, manage and pay loans.

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Data + Analytics

Innovative Tools for Informed Decision Making

Our industry-leading data analytics and technology platform is the engine we harness for everything—from sharing insights that inform key decisions, to mitigating risk with warranty-backed crop plans, to underwriting loans. It’s what powers our ability to help ag retailers, input manufacturers and their customers make the right decision for their businesses.

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Land Value

Evaluate Opportunities with Real-Time Valuation

We’re on a mission to make farmland valuation simple, online, and instant. Range.ag delivers real-time sale and auction opportunities for the major row-crop states and our SaaS enterprise solution can help evaluate land investment opportunities.

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Innovation, Scale and
a Healthy Future

We help the ag industry drive innovation and deliver best practices to farmers around the country, while increasing confidence. We power a resilient future for agriculture, which means a healthy future for us all.

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