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5 Minutes with Crop Plan Warranty Account Manager

five minutes with crop plan warranty account manager

At Growers Edge, we capitalize on our team of amazingly talented individuals to revolutionize the agriculture industry. Our Crop Plan Warranty team strives to provide ag retailers and manufacturers with the tools to help growers adopt innovative and profitable products and solutions. So, we asked, Mitch Fondell, Crop Plan Warranty Account Manager to take a five-minute break and give us some insight into what makes Crop Plan Warranty so impactful for our ag retail and manufacturer partners.

What is the most exciting thing about Crop Plan?

Flexibility. Our Crop Plan Warranty Programs allow our partners to structure an offer around their sales objectives; creating a tool for their sales team to meet their goals. Not only does it help our partners drive new product adoption, but the Crop Plan Warranty also gives the farmer protection on their input investment. This combination makes it easy to try something new and capture the upside of their investment.

What are the top three features of Crop Plan Warranty?

  1. Retail Partners can set the yield benchmark for their products on a field-by-field basis. This ensures that retailers and growers get the most out of the warranty.
  2. Our administration tools make it easy for our partners to implement a Crop Plan Warranty for their growers. The tools are simple and intuitive, so there is very little need disruption to normal sales completion.
  3. Growers Edge takes on 100% of the warranty risk by charging our partners only a competitive flat per acre fee. This lets partners implement a warranty program and mitigate the risk for themselves as well as the growers.

What makes selling Crop Plan most unique?

 I’m not reaching out to our partners asking them to buy XYZ products from me, I’m reaching out to offer them a tool that can help drive and differentiate the products that they determine are most important to their business!

What is the coolest thing you get to do as a part of the Crop Plan Warranty team?

Supporting reps out in the field with the crop plan warranty resulting in growth of their book of business. I’ve heard countless stories from partner reps saying they’ve always wanted a way to sell their products with a yield warranty backing their agronomic recommendation. Now, with the crop plan warranty, they’re able to do so!

Crop Plan Warranty provides a customized warranty offer to empower your growers to adopt new, innovative products and practices with no risk. Contact us today to learn more about how a Crop Plan Warranty can help you.

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