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Growers Edge Joins Field to Market’s Climate Smart Initiative

Field to Market's Climate Smart Agriculture Initiative

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture® has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin work on Field to Market’s Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovative Finance Initiative.

Growers Edge is proud to include our Crop Plan Warranty as a piece of this partnership in agricultural innovation. This project will use innovative financial tools to increase climate-smart practices within the farming community.

“Our Crop Plan Warranty is not just a financial tool; it’s a catalyst for change, empowering growers to experiment with new products and practices. This initiative will serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change, enabling us to collectively address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” said Todd Robran, Growers Edge Chief Commercial Officer. “Together, we are not only cultivating crops but also nurturing a landscape of progress, efficiency, and environmental stewardship. The initiative, designed to promote climate-smart practices, will see the strategic use of our Crop Plan Warranties in three impactful ways.”

Crop Plan Warranties will be utilized in three ways through the Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovative Finance Initiative.

  • Climate Smart Practice Linked Crop Plans I: In addition to a yield warranty offered by Growers Edge, Practical Farmers of Iowa will offer a marketing incentive paid by PepsiCo for farmers implementing cover crops, reduced till, no-till, strip-till, and nitrogen reduction.
  • Climate Smart Practice Linked Crop Plans II: In addition to the yield warranty offered by Growers Edge, Coop Elevator will offer an incentive paid by Mondelēz International for farmers that will be implementing cover crops, reduced or no-till, and nutrient management.
  • Climate Smart Practice Linked Crop Plans III: In addition to the yield warranty offered by Growers Edge, Nutrien Ag Solutions will provide the funds for a performance-based incentive offering to farmers utilizing nitrogen reduction.

“In forging these partnerships with organizations like PepsiCo, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Coop Elevator, Mondolez, and Nutrien Ag Solutions we are laying the foundation for a better future for the agricultural sector,” said Matt Hansen, Growers Edge CEO. “Collaborating with these large players, we believe, is key to unlocking innovation, sustainability, and resilience.”

The Crop Plan Warranty helps growers try new products, by compensating in the event that crop output does not meet an established benchmark with the new products and practices. These new products and practices help the farming community create next generation practices.

This Initiative contains several pieces to build a better future for agriculture; Growers Edge is excited to join in this effort. Learn more about the entire Field To Market initiative here.

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