A Healthy Future for Agriculture Is a Healthy Future for All

When it comes to an industry as vital to society as agriculture, we believe it’s our duty to develop new, exciting and innovative solutions that give retailers the ability to sell their best products while giving farmers the opportunity to feed, clothe and fuel the world.

Growers Edge

Powered by Data Insights and Innovation

At Growers Edge, we’re seeding a healthy future through crop plans, embedded finance solutions, land valuation and proprietary software and data analytics tools. These solutions help the ag industry optimize growth, strengthen their businesses, manage risk, innovate for the future and scale success. We’re built on a decades-strong foundation of agriculture, finance and technology expertise. Our primary objective is to give turn-key fintech and data solutions to those who provide to the farmers, who provide for us all.

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Our Difference

We Are Invested in Sustainability and Resilience in Agriculture

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Fostering Biodiversity

Biodiverse soils and functioning ecosystems help soil retain water and provide critical nutrients to crops. In the long run, these improvements help build profitable farms and improve asset value.

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Regenerative Practices

Our warranty-backed crop plans and embedded finance solutions can be used to introduce earth- and soil-friendly practices, enabling farmers to implement sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

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The Need to Feed

Farmers are under pressure to feed a growing population and do more with less, but have lacked access to funding, land and risk-mitigation opportunities to create long-term, sustainable models, until now.


Champions of Climate-Positive Products and Practices

As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture we join more than 150 member organizations across the food and agriculture value chain to create a future where farmers, business and nature thrive.

Sustainable Products

Through partnerships with ag retailers and other green organizations, we will build products that empower farmers to adopt sustainable products and practices on two million acres by 2030.


Growers Edge is committed to using our platform to encourage the use of sustainable technology and practices with our strategic partners and vendors.


Our company and employees will conserve energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases by using Energy Star-qualified office equipment and by robustly reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to develop technology that feels just as user-friendly as the customer service we provide our partners and their customers. Decades of expertise in the industry combined with a forward-looking approach have led us to the Growers Edge Core Values:

We communicate constructively, clearly and openly.
We hold ourselves accountable and support each other with trust and respect.
We believe work should be fun, where a sense of humor is expected, and a positive attitude and intent are assumed.
We are passionate about our shared purpose of empowering a resilient future for agriculture.
We are unified through our shared purpose of “Empowering Growers to Adapt and Thrive."
Ruthlessly Simple
We take complex problems and simplify them until they can be communicated, understood and enacted.

Crop Plans

We design custom, warranty-backed crop plans for ag retailers that promote their best products and service and improve margins, while maximizing outcomes for farmers.


Input Financing

Our customizable platform makes it easy for ag retailers and input manufacturers to make informed loan decisions and analyze and manage their portfolio.

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Land Value

Through our SaaS enterprise solution and Range.ag, we analyze farmland quality and value along with providing data for real-time sale and auction opportunities.

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Data + Analytics

From generating insights that inform key decisions, to managing risk, to forecasting yields and land value, our industry-leading software and data analytics give you and farmers powerful peace of mind.


Re-Envision the Future of Agricultural Innovation

The future demands digital innovation, data security, cutting-edge financial solutions and risk mitigation. We’re preparing agriculture for that future by helping manage risk, reduce uncertainty and strengthen confidence in adopting change.

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