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Growers Edge Crop Plan Warranty Continues to Grow

In the agriculture industry, innovation isn’t just about seeds and machinery anymore—it’s also about product adoption and risk management. Growers Edge Crop Plan Warranty has rapidly evolved into an integral part of modern farming strategies. Here’s a closer look at how Growers Edge Crop Plan Warranty is changing the game for retailers and manufacturers.

Fifty-seven percent increase in retailers utilizing Crop Plan this year vs. last year

This year has seen a surge in adoption of the Crop Plan Warranty by retailers, with 14 retailers enrolled, a 57% increase over last year and a 700% increase from its inaugural year in 2020.

The Crop Life Top 100 retailers have played a pivotal role in driving this growth trajectory with four of the Top 10 enrolled. This continued enrollment signifies the validity of the warranty addressing growers’ needs. Learn more about the Crop Life Top 100.

Retailer sales up across more and more product categories

Retailers have uncovered that utilizing Crop Plan Warranties creates a boost in sales, especially for new, innovative products. This has resulted in a significant expansion in the range of product categories covered, beginning with seed and crop protection products expanding to plant health products, biologicals, nutritional products, and sustainable product practices. Crop Plan Warranties not only strengthen customer relations but also provide growers with risk management solutions and potential for better yields.

For a case study of how Growers Edge Crop Plan Warranties enhance sales, check out this resource.

Growers continue expanding their coverage – more than 1.1 million acres enrolled this year

The appeal of Crop Plan Warranties isn’t limited to retailers and manufacturers—growers themselves are increasingly recognizing its value. This crop season, Growers Edge is set to provide warranties for over 1.1million acres—a staggering 11,000% surge from its inaugural year in 2020. This exponential growth underscores growers’ confidence in Crop Plan Warranty’s ability to increase yields and mitigate risks.

As agriculture progresses, the Growers Edge Crop Plan Warranty emerges as a key player in innovation, with its growing acceptance among retailers, manufacturers, and growers highlighting its impact on the industry. Looking ahead, the journey of Crop Plan Warranty in fostering growth and providing empowerment is just getting started.

Join the conversation and learn how you can be a part of this agricultural revolution.

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