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Growers Edge Announces the Launch of Automated Farmland Valuations

automated farmland valuations

Growers Edge, a provider of data-driven financial technology solutions for the agricultural industry, is proud to announce the launch of Automated Farmland Valuations. The Automated Farm Valuation (AFV) provides a property appraisal of agriculture-use land by utilizing data management tools and farmland intelligence.


The AFV report provides quick and accurate farmland appraisals for use throughout the appraisal and financial industries. The Growers Edge built platform exceeds the stringent regulatory requirements of the agricultural finance sector.

“Traditional agricultural valuation methods are labor-intensive, relying on a fragmented mix of public and private data, and are susceptible to human error,” stated Ahraz Husain, Growers Edge VP of Product, Engineering, and Data. “These limitations not only hinder efficient capital allocation but also heighten financial risk for farmers, agricultural retailers, and financial institutions, ultimately challenging the sustainability of the agriculture industry.”


The five key benefits of Growers Edge’s AFV are:

  • Speed – the traditional valuations in the agricultural sector are labor intensive and can take days to complete; the AFV provides an accurate valuation in a matter of minutes.
  • Accuracy – by implementing sophisticated algorithms and high-quality data the accuracy of these valuations exceeds traditional methods.
  • Cost Savings – reduced time and labor involved in a valuation directly translates to reduced operational costs, in turn, leading to higher profitability.
  • Improved Customer Experience – the AFV significantly reduces the time needed to process and fund a farmland loan, which means increased overall satisfaction throughout the entire lending process.
  • Unbiased Valuations – the AFV utilizes data and algorithms, therefore, removing any subjectivity and bias presented through traditional valuation methods.

“We are confident that our AFV tool will provide success for any financial institution or appraisal partner,” said Hollie Bunn, Growers Edge Interim CEO. “Our model outshines all publicly available models in the market, as evidenced through our rigorous testing and validation methods.”


Growers Edge Automated Farm Valuation will significantly impact financial lending services in the agricultural sector. This solution is for all stakeholders building towards a sustainable, secure and financially sound future for agriculture.


These appraisals are currently available for Iowa, Illinois and Indiana with developments to rapidly expand into nine additional Mid-West states. Email to learn more about partnering with Growers Edge to utilize the Automated Farm Valuation.

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