Crop Plan Release Notes May 2024

Executive Summary:

This release brings enhancements to the Field ID Upload process, including the ability for users to deselect saved fields, improved error handling, and integration with Google Autocomplete. Technical maintenance updates have been made to ensure compatibility with the latest Node version and transition away from FxLayout. Additionally, improvements to the Enrollment Portal allow for easier data management for reps, while support features and bug fixes enhance overall system stability and user experience. 

Field ID Upload Enhancements:
  • Allow users to deselect all saved fields and “save.” 
  • Add “Upload Field Boundaries” to Action Menu. 
  • Alert users of errors on duplicate files. 
  • Handle saved uploaded files. 
  • Update SendAllIdentificationRequests endpoint to send notifications for pending and accepted. 
  • Switch to State-County Geography API service.
    # 11304, 13596, 14023, 14025, 14125, 14136, 14305 
2024 CP Tech Maintenance Q2:
  • Upgrade to Node v20+. 
  • Move away from FxLayout.
    # 12569, 12734 
2024 Enrollment Portal Enhancements:
  • Create custom Google Autocomplete component. 
  • Allow reps to edit growers. 
  • Pre-populate grower information on the enrollment flow.
    # 13227, 13711, 13712 
Rep Sales Dashboard:
  • Identified Graph – Remove Acre Count.
    # 13804 
  • Update reports to make bool values show as yes/no. 
  • Support field boundary uploads. 
  • Grant CSM access to Partner Site. 
  • Create DataHub Page for Grower. 
  • Grant CSM access to Partner Portal. 
  • Add users to Dev. 
  • Change Offer. 
  • Send Reps Field Boundary Announcement. 
  • Send Field Boundary Upload Feature Emails. 
  • Grant CSM Access. 
  • Assign CSM to Partner.
    #13897, 14064, 14095, 14157, 14195, 14198, 14223, 14267, 14281, 14334, 14338, 14424 
Terms and Conditions Updates:
  • Create T&C Tables. 
  • Integrate T&C’s and Offer requirements in Field ID flow. 
  • Embed T&C’s and Offer Requirements in ID’ed field notification. 
  • Show Identification Buttons for Pending Enrollments.
    # 14115, 14137, 14138, 14218 
Bug Fixes:
  • Acre Counts on Field Boundary Upload Submission. 
  • Hide Create New Enrollment for Growers. 
  • Field Upload Boundary not allowing files other than .shp. 
  • Field Upload Boundary – Mismatching Counties. 
  • Edit Enrollments.
    #14125, 14150, 14265, 14423, 14426 
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