Crop Plan Warranty Release Notes June 2024

Executive Summary: 

This release cycle introduces significant enhancements across various areas. Updates include improved partner management capabilities with new parent-child relationships and an enhanced partner organization page. Technical upgrades such as migrating to .NET 8 and resolving certificate expiration issues ensure system reliability and security. User experience is enhanced with features like expanded file handling and improved enrollment management tools. Additionally, comprehensive support enhancements streamline operations, including new reporting capabilities and improved user access management. These updates collectively aim to enhance functionality, security, and user satisfaction across the platform. 

USDA Climate Smart Grant 

Update Partner Export on Manage Enrollments

Partner Organization Hierarchies 

Switch authoritative source of reps to Azure Object ID
Create Parent-Child relationship between Partners (Database)
Create Partner Organization Page + Tab
#11603, 12659, 14461 

2024 CP Tech Maintenance Q2 

TECH DEBT: Update FieldCoordinates data type to Geometry
Upgrade to .NET 8
TECH: DataHub Dev Expired Certificate
#12625, 12639, 14616 

2024 Tech Maintenance Q3 

Tech Debt – Make Copyright Year footer update annually

Field ID Upload – Enhancements and Shapefiles 

Auto Expand Uploaded Files

2025 CY Enrollment Portal Enhancements 

Add Search Feature to Manage Enrollment page


Support – Send Field ID emails
Remove DNC Flag for SendInsuranceAndConsentForReleaseMessage
Support: Mark Growers as DNC
Admin UI: Add action menu item to send ID emails for pending enrollments
Support: Rep assigned to the wrong partner
Support: Generate Total Identified Acres Report
Support: Grant Intern Access to Database
Support: Identified Report
#14317, 14438, 14459, 14505, 14579, 14591, 14600, 14667 


EnrolledGrowersReportDto not handling null values properly
Review Identified Fields
DBContext desync
#14468, 14481, 14619 

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