Input Financing Release Notes June 2024

Input Financing

Executive Summary

In this release cycle, we focused on significant updates including enhancing user visibility with a new Document tab in the Application Manager and improving funding request processes with a Request History Tab and refined attachment handling. The In-App Notifications feature sees enhancements such as streamlined document uploads and improved user navigation, alongside new subscription controls and notification management options. Additionally, various technical debt refinements ensure better system performance and maintenance, while bug fixes address usability issues across the platform. These updates collectively aim to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and improve system reliability

Application Manager Details

Create Document tab for Application Manager
Documentation View-ability in App Manager

Funding Request

Add Request History Tab
Funding Request Memo / Attachment
Disable Attachment Preview for new Attachments
#13926, 14465, 14609

In-App Notifications MVP

Notify when Approval Document uploaded
Clicking Notification Navigates User to Approval Doc
Update Document uploaded notifications
Notify on a new Comment
Auto subscribe all users to all notification types
Allow notifications of a certain vintage to “fall off”
Allow users to delete notifications
#14026, 14042, 14490, 14146, 14580, 14130, 14486

Bug Fixes

Resolve cache busting issues
Partner Branding Pagination is Wonky
Funding Request – Principal Balance Doesn’t Include Cents
Attachments don’t appear inside of Memo Modal on Request History
Notifications do not navigate to new tab in same object
Various minor bugs
Selected parcel summary blocking map
Dashboard Payments card – route to payment tab
#14467, 14408, 14333, 14621, 14632, 14686, 14698

Tech Debt: Project Standards

Admin API – Vertical Slicing (Comments)
Update State to be a vertical slice (config)
Update State to be a vertical slice (comments)
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Application / Document
Precommit Formatting – Lending.PartnerAdminApi / Lending.PartnerAdminWeb
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Communication
Precommit Formatting – Lending.Application
Update State to be a vertical slice (loading)
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Mortgage
Update State to be a vertical slice (partner)
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Loan
Align Pipeline for Web with API
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Partner
Vertical Slicing of API Files – Setup To Handle DTOs and Remove Extra Projects
API – Update Tests to Use Mocks [Comments]
API – Update Tests to Use Mocks [Documents]
#14554, 14541, 14525, 14633, 14569, 14641, 14639, 14526, 14642, 14527, 14650, 14636, 14651, 14705, 14250, 14702, 14704

Application Submission Queue / GE App Number

Display GE Application Number in Partner Portal
Update Status Page To Use GE Application Number
#14079, 14395

We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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