Input Financing Release Notes May 2024

Input Financing

Executive Summary:

In this release cycle, we focused on enhancing reporting capabilities by implementing pricing reports and updating the analytics database reporting schema. Additionally, technical maintenance includes refactoring and cleanup of controller code to improve system efficiency and stability. 

Report Requests:
  • Build Pricing Reports: Implementation of pricing reports functionality. 
  • Update Analytics DB Reporting Schema: Updating reporting schema for analytics database.
    #13515, 13511 
Tech Maintenance:
  • Tech Debt – Cleanup Controllers: Refactoring and cleanup of controller code.
Upcoming Feature 

Coming in June we will enable our Partner Portal users to receive In-app notifications for comments and document uploads. We will also enable users to attach memos and files to Funding requests. 

Release Numbers


We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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