Input Financing, Made Flexible and Modern

We partner with ag retailers to provide a fully digital financial loan software and services platform that meets their business objectives. Our farmer-friendly digital platform makes credit and loan applications, submission, management and payment easy and secure for your customer. Our customizable embedded financing platform makes the decisioning and management simplified and efficient for your staff.

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Input Financing

Our Input Financing Products

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Software as a Service

Streamline and modernize your operations, and improve your farmers’ experience with our financial analytics, and credit and loan processing platform.

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Funded Financing Program

Use our funding in conjunction with our Software as a Service platform to modernize, simplify and enhance your lending options.

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Sustainability Financing

Adopt new farming technologies and regenerative practices, such as cover crops, crop rotation, low- or no-till farming, with financing terms that address your transition challenges.

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Our Input Financing platform lets you embed powerful financial solutions in your business.

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Fast-Track Your Business Goals with a Custom Input Lending Program

Value to Retailers

Flexible terms, rates and specialty programs
Multiple funding structures
Modernize and streamline internal processes through easy-to-monitor application submission, scoring, documentation, inquiry and reporting dashboard
Enhance brand and operational excellence
Improve data security and data privacy
Foster stronger relationships with customers through better service
Embedded Finance Retailers

Benefits for Farmers

Easy online loan submission
Convenient loan management and payment apps
Securely check loan balances, transaction history and make payments
Accessible 24/7 from computer, tablet or phone
Confidence in data security and data privacy
Embedded Finance farmers


We Secure Your Data!

We’re fully invested in the security and privacy of data–it’s a fundamental part of the services
Growers Edge provides. Our achievement of AICPA SOC 2 compliance is a testament to our
ongoing efforts to keep your data both private and secure. Learn More.

Protect Your Bottom Line

We provide an accurate and fast assessment of a farmers’ financial repayment strength to mitigate risk for ag retailers. We base our assessments on a streamlined underwriting scorecard that analyzes a borrower’s credit using traditional lending analysis factors, combined with credit and risk factors relevant to specialized short-term financing.

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