Try new farming products and practices without risking your yield.

We help farmers produce better harvests by reducing the risk of switching to innovative products and practices. We do this by providing Crop Plan Warranties that compensate in the event that crop output does not meet expectations with usage of the new products. Interested in switching to innovative farming products and practices without risking your harvest? Contact your inputs rep for more info.

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Farmers have always had a complicated problem to solve. While you can plant seeds at the right time, use the right fertilizers, and carefully tend your crops, sometimes your best executed plans don’t result in the expected crop yield. So the profitability of a farm can vary dramatically, due to factors beyond your control.

So it’s not surprising that when you find something that works for you for a particular part of this process, that you might be reluctant to try something new.

Even if that something new might result in higher yields or better quality. Crop warranties help you try new products, by compensating in the event that crop output decreases with the new products and practices.

By reducing the risk, you can confidently switch to the best farming products and practices out there, and build a better farm.


Customer Success

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Cody Van Drie
Farmers Coop Society
Our sustainability-focused crop plan with Growers Edge has driven sales and increased adoption of practices that will benefit our customers, and the ground they farm for generations.
Mike Twining
Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Willard Agri-Service
The warranty changed the dialog at the grower level in a positive way and built trust. We had the confidence in our offering to share in the risk of new technology adoption.
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