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With decades of experience and expertise in agricultural technology and innovation, we know farmers can achieve great things when they have financial confidence and protection. We’re dedicated to partnering with agriculture retailers who, like us, believe in providing farmers the opportunity to implement the techniques and products that are right for them, with financial protection and peace of mind.


Who We Serve

Agriculture Retailers

We help ag retailers better serve their customers and maximize efficiency and profitability with our proprietary data insights, embedded finance platform and crop plans. We are a trusted partner in enhancing ag retailers’ relationships with farmers, while improving their own bottom line.

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Input Manufacturers

We support ag input manufacturers with proprietary data insights, embedded finance solutions and crop plans. Input manufacturers can support and strengthen their relationships with farmers, while increasing awareness and confidence in their product.

Who we serve


We know how much is at stake for farmers, and we have their backs. Our proprietary data, embedded finance solutions and crop plans help farmers strengthen their financial viability, innovate and adopt new technologies with confidence, while we manage their risk.

Who Growers Edge servers

Build Better Connections with Customers

Our crop plans, financial tools and proprietary data and analytics help retailers deliver more value to customers while deepening connections and knowledge of their needs. It’s a simple way to build strong customer relationships, while achieving business objectives.

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We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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