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With our proprietary intelligence platform, Growers Edge helps customers confidently drive innovation, increase productivity and reduce waste. We believe in accountable analytics and AI. Our team of data professionals is committed to breaking down complex problems to produce simple, natural-to-use solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customer’s products.

Big Data for Big Decisioning




  • Inference yields for almost all US midwest farms
  • Models trained on millions of acre-years of RMA-regulated insurance datasets
  • Available starting 2011 for corn and soybean with post-harvest accuracy of 6% (MAPE)




  • Includes public and private remote sensing imagery
  • Also includes proprietary-derived (Tier 1 and 2) layers
  • Usable almost real-time following availability




  • Value and cropland in states of availability within sub-seconds
  • Multiple models, ensembles and tools available
  • Reach out to us for more information, including performance reports




  • Extends to listings, auctions and sales within the United States
  • Undergoes extensive data quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • Curated from multiple partners





  • From discovery to usable APIs in 30 days
  • Contingent to integrations with novel systems
  • SOC 2-compliant platform and tools

Innovative Solutions

Our Powerful Models

Credit Strength Prediction

Our credit scorecards allow flexible configurations for input lending and land financing. The models are able to account for recourse partnerships and customer lifetime value and can go beyond traditional credit scoring to effectively evaluate underserved and growing farms.

Field Yield Prediction

Growers Edge’s proprietary suite of models can estimate yields accurately months before a field is harvested. We use verified yields history to train our models on the best ground truth data. Our estimated field yield predictions span 19 billion acres in the US and are growing every day!

Agronomic Risk Analytics

Our agronomic risk analytics use our field yield models and verified ground truth data as their foundation. We regularly assess methodologies to quantify the impact of different products, practices and programs to inform our decision-making, including monitoring and intervention when a yield reduction is predicted.

Farmland Valuation

Growers Edge’s models value farmland accurately in real-time. Our models use multiple statistical and machine learning approaches and are customizable to partner needs.

Uplift Modeling

Our data scientists evaluate the impact of various financial levers to help our partners establish programs and risk thresholds that work best for their goals. We use historical data and in-season pilots to measure the true impact of inputs such as fertilizer, fungicide, chemicals and seed.

Custom Solutions

Use Growers Edge’s proprietary algorithms and datasets to offer custom partner solutions at a fraction of the cost it would take to build them out. We combine, extend and manipulate our models to bring insights into problems of all levels of complexity.

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Meet Our Data Advisory Board

The Growers Edge Data Advisory Board meets monthly to discuss topics, including various crop yield models, creating yield predictions and guidance on developing the models Growers Edge is currently building. This team adds value to the overall Growers Edge mission through their expertise in data, agronomy and academics.

Dr. Sotirios Archontoulis

Dr. Sotirios Archontoulis

Iowa State University


Dr. Gene Cheung

York University


Dr. Wendong Zhang

Cornell University


What We’re Working On

Data Security + Privacy

We Secure Your Data!

We’re fully invested in the security and privacy of data–it’s a fundamental part of the services
Growers Edge provides. Our achievement of AICPA SOC 2 compliance is a testament to our
ongoing efforts to keep your data both private and secure. Learn More.

Innovation, Scale and a Healthy Future

We help the ag industry drive innovation and deliver best practices to farmers around the country, while increasing confidence. We power a resilient future for agriculture, which means a healthy future for us all.


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We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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