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Growers Edge Partners With Puris to Help Farmers Adopt Plant-Based Nutrition

Growers Edge and Puris partnership helps farmers produce organic plant-based nutrition with an innovative financing solution


Johnston, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota – September 20, 2022 – Growers Edge, a provider of data-driven financial technology (fintech) solutions for the agricultural industry, announced today a renewed partnership with Puris Holdings that delivers a customized, white-labeled suite of financial solutions to meet the unique needs of the company and their customers. The financing solution aims to accelerate the adoption of plant-based nutrition by helping farmers secure financing to plant, grow and harvest organic peas to pave the path for a more sustainable food system while improving soil health.

“In the second year of our partnership with Growers Edge we will help our farmers meet the growing demand for our organic pea protein product and build a better future for both people and our planet,” said Nicole Atchison, Puris Holdings CEO. “Peas are an extremely sustainable crop. They build soil health, drive biodiversity and can truly help our soil, climate and waterways in the U.S.

Named the most innovative food company in the world by Fast Company in 2021, the Puris Financing Program is another example of the company’s efforts to transform the agricultural industry while creating a fast, efficient and safe financial solution for their finance team and farmer-friendly digital platforms for loan processing.  

The Puris Financing Program includes these innovative features: 

  • Growers Edge’s Digital Application and Loan Management Platform make it uncomplicated for farmers to apply for, manage and pay off their loans, helping them more easily access credit to maintain or expand their operations. 
  • Growers Edge’s Underwriting Scorecard uses a proprietary blend of traditional lending analysis factors combined with credit and relevant risk factors and specialized short-term financing that provides a near-instant and accurate assessment of a grower’s financial strength so retailers can be confident in the customer’s ability for repayment.  
  • Growers Edge Digital Payments simplify the loan management process for farmers by allowing them to make payments and check their loan maturation date from a phone, tablet or computer 24/7, helping process payments more efficiently and quickly. 
  • Growers Edge Portfolio Management System helps ag retailers efficiently manage their loan portfolio in real-time while keeping customer loan information safe and accessible.  

“Our partnership with Puris brings to market an innovative and modern lending platform that strengthens the bond between Puris and their customers,” said Hollie Bunn, Chief Lending Officer at Growers Edge. “We are excited to connect farmers with a fast and secure financing option that can help Puris innovate and scale.”  

Growers Edge partners with input manufacturers and ag retailers across the U.S. to deliver grower-relevant solutions to meet the ag industry’s rapidly changing needs. Since 2016, the company has used data and technology to build innovative warranty-backed crop plans and input financing solutions that reduce risk for farmers and help fortify a retailer’s trusted advisor status with their customers. 

Puris started in 1985 with the goal of restoring knowledge, control and trust in the food system. Their non-GMO seeds are naturally bred to grow successful crops and establish regenerative farmer practices that leave soil healthier than it started. Through the use of the Growers Edge lending platform, Puris was able to meet the growing needs of their largest customers, enabling over 30,000 acres of yellow peas.   

Learn more about Puris or its financing program by visiting 

 Source: Growers Edge

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