May 2024

RangeAg Release Notes May 2024

RangeAg Release Notes

Executive Summary

In May 2024, we focused on enhancing user experience and system stability with key updates to our map and search functionalities. Significant improvements include the Search by Parcel ID and Search by Landowner, as well as some look and feel upgrades. Additionally, numerous support items were addressed to ensure smoother and more reliable user interaction. 

Look & Feel Upgrade
  • Numbering Shapes on Map: Improved differentiation of selected shapes on maps. 
  • Active Page Sidebar: Enhanced link icon visibility when hovering or active. 
  • L&F Identification Page: Updated sidebar link colors, primary and secondary colors, logo, and other UI elements for better user experience. 
  • L&F Insight Page: Refined visual elements like total value, confidence level, and map borders. 
  • Move or Hide “Mapbox”: Optimized UI when the left-hand menu is expanded. 
  • Sort User Insights by Date Created: Allowed sorting of user insights by the creation date.
    #4000, 14085, 14091, 14092, 14316, 14318 
Search by Parcel ID
  • Search by Parcel ID: Enabled search by parcel ID with auto-selection. 
  • Handle Errors: Improved error handling for invalid parcel ID searches.
     14149, 14217 
Search by Landowner
  • Allow the user to search by landowner. Given a state, county, and name, the search finds all the parcels and lists all the parcels as fields. 
  • Handle “X” Selection in Searches: Improved handling of the “X” selection in parcel or landowner searches. 
  • Dropdowns Searchable: Allowed users to search dropdown options by typing letters.
     14262, 14388, 14325 
  • Migrate Valuation Attribute to Insight Slice: Simplified the migration process for valuation attributes to improve insight slice integration. 
  • Insight Creation with Basic Data: Ensures insights are created even if initial attempts fail. 
  • Maps Loading Issues: Fixed issues where maps wouldn’t load while printing. 
  • Parcel Filters: Corrected filter issues that reduced selected parcels to tiny slivers. 
  • User Sign-In Issue: Fixed bug where users not signed in could advance without selecting “Get Report”. 
  • No Map After Bad Search: Resolved issue where no map displayed after a bad search. 
  • Auto-Tillable Issue: Fixed issue where not all tillable capabilities were selected. 
  • Newly Created Accounts Bug: Addressed state issues for new accounts upon clicking “Get Report”. 
  • 100% Tillable Error: Resolved error related to 100% tillable calculations.
    # 13258, 13460, 13975, 13980, 13989, 13998, 14002, 14048, 14165, 14182, 14200, 14220 

We will be retiring Farm Manager soon. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, and for information about our other agriculture fintech and data solutions that can help you build a more sustainable farm.

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