Gather insights on farmland quickly, including assessments of value.

RangeAg offers a detailed report of farmland attributes including access to an AVM so that you can quickly, and consistently value farmland. Ultimately this means you can enhance the farmland valuation processes and make your customers happier whether they are buying or selling their acreage.

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Utilize RangeAg’s advanced farmland intelligence and data management tools to instantly access comprehensive land attributes such as land use, soil quality, and more. Our Automated Valuation Model delivers transparent, accurate, and detailed Land Valuation Reports, streamlining the farm loan process.

With our technology, your organization can achieve a competitive edge through speed, innovation, consistency, and accuracy in valuations, optimizing resource use over traditional appraisal methods.

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Report Features

  • Farmland listings (both real estate listings and auctions)
  • Farmland ownership
  • Farmland valuation estimates
  • Comparable Sales influencing values
  • Farmland insights include:
    • Multi-year aerial imagery
    • Soil Maps
    • Topography Maps
    • Plat Maps
    • Crop history
    • General price trends for the geographic area
  • More features coming soon


Benefits of RangeAg

Speed and Efficiency

Accelerates the land valuation and transaction process, enabling faster decision-making and turnaround times for all parties involved.

Accuracy and Transparency

Provides precise, data-driven valuations and insights, ensuring all parties have a clear and trustworthy understanding of land value and attributes.

Comprehensive Data Access

Offers in-depth information on land attributes, including land use, soil quality, and more, allowing for well-informed decisions and advice.


Reduces the need for traditional, often more costly appraisal methods, saving money and resources while maintaining quality and reliability.

Innovative Edge

Utilizing the latest in data management and automated valuation models places stakeholders at the forefront of agricultural real estate technology, offering a competitive advantage in the market.


Delivers uniform and standardized valuation reports, ensuring consistency and reliability in valuations across different properties and transactions.

Resource Optimization

Frees up valuable resources and time by providing a streamlined, automated alternative to traditional valuation processes, allowing professionals to focus on other critical aspects of land transactions.

By adopting this system, anyone involved in the land transaction process can benefit from a more streamlined, accurate, and efficient approach to valuing and transacting farmland.


Common Use Cases

Our models have been independently reviewed by Risk Management Association for several use-cases which include some of the following:

  • Farmland Purchases/ Investment Decisions
  • Loan Origination
  • Evaluations
  • Lease Decisioning
  • Taxation
  • Estate Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Market Analysis


Pricing tailored to customer needs

You can test out RangeAg software right now!

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